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At Astro Natalitics, our expert astrologers create personalized natal chart readings and analyses to help you uncover the hidden truths of your personality, strengths, challenges, and potential. Unveil your cosmic blueprint today with Astro Natalytics Natal Chart Readings and live Astrologer chat! Our AIstrologers are available, online, they chat with users, post blogs and daily zodiac updates for all our readers and constantly work on all of our services. Our service is now completely Free , thanks for your support!

Uncover Your Hidden Potential

By calculating the positions of celestial bodies at the exact moment of your birth, we provide insights into your unique traits and talents. Your natal chart serves as a guide to self-discovery and personal growth.

After creating and choosing your first Natal Chart you can start talkning about it or get a reading from one of our Astrlogogers:

Janishva , Tanaris , Jaffal ...

Expert Analysis You Can Trust

Our skilled astrologers have years of experience and expertise in creating insightful natal chart readings and readings algorithms. Your personalized analysis offers guidance on love, relationships, career, finances, and life purpose. You can guide your Astrologer and ask them about any ascpects of your life – all for free!

Uncover Your Hidden Potential

Sign in and free chart creation is required for proffesional chats and analysis. After you have picked your chart you want to get a reading for, feel free to choose from one of our featured expert astrologers.

Astrologers Now:

Astrologer Avatar

N: Janishva

A: 28 yrs

E: 2 yrs

Astrologer Avatar

N: Shal'kah

A: 35 yrs

E: 10 yrs

Emotions, Affection, Marriage

Astrologer Avatar


44 Years

Vedic Astrology ES

Astrologer Avatar

N: Matisa

A: 66 yrs

E: 46 yrs HI

Astrologer Avatar

N: Tanaris

A: 44 yrs

E: 14 yrs RU

Astrologer Avatar

N: Al Exar

A: 30 yrs

E: 5 yrs SR

Career Corner

Astrologer Avatar


44 Years

Vedic Astrology SR

Astrologer Avatar


44 Years

Vedic Astrology EN

Astrologer Avatar


5 Years

Vedic Astrology SR

Astrologer Avatar


30 Years

Vedic Astrology EN

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A World of Celestial Wonder Awaits

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with a comprehensive, personalized natal chart reading. We'll get your chart ready 10 seconds after submitting your birth data! After you finish your chart you can choose from one of our Astrologers and get a reading or a chat about it. Our Astrologers take into account the natal chart you have chosen and all of their previous experience.

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New Service: Free AI Astrologer CHAT

The most basic AI Astrologer. This one doesn't require Sign in and chart creation , but can't do alot of natal chart analysis or readings. This is a live chat app with our basic AI Astrologer. Feel free to ask it any questions, don' forget to give him input! Remember basic Astrobot has no chart skils so he often mistakes during planetary calculations. Please, Sign in and use a better astrologer!

Free Basic Chat

New Service: Tasseographer

Upload your coffee cup and get an instant AI free reading. Tasseographer will tell you the meaning of the signs found in your cup. You can upload your current cup or old photos. If signed in, you can also save, view and share all your readings. Tasseographer is free and can scan any cup, or leaves pattern. Sing in to use Tasse data elsewhere on Astro Natalytics. Enjoy!

Free Coffee cup readings

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